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  • Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. Ralph Emerson

  • When everything feels like an uphill struggle. Just wait and think of the view from the top. Wislawa Symborska


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    Mt.Vanajangi Mt.

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A trek is a life changing experience. The sheer beauty and majesty of the mountains creates an impact stronger than any other experience.

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About us

We live for the nature

We believe that nature is what unites us all. Wherever we go — from lush forests to rolling hillsides to city greenways — we’re all seeking the same vibes. Breathing in the fresh air. Feeling the sun on our cheeks. Reveling in the sound of branches in the breeze. That’s what inspired us from the beginning, and it’s what keeps us exploring today.

Adventuring our way to wellness:
Recent studies are proving what we all kinda already knew: spending time in nature is — wait for it — good for us! We’re not doctors, so we work with a team of medical advisors who help us act as a resource for healthy living.

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  • Our mountains and our location

    We are located in the Heart of Eastern Ghats where it is the home of natural exotic birds. The Hills, The Mountains and The Valleys.

  • Mission

    Hike o Hike is here to foster happy, healthy communities by connecting people to the outdoors and to each other.

  • 2% for the Planet

    Putting our money where the trails are:
    At Hike o Hike, we believe everyone has a right to the outdoors — including future generations. Which means we don’t just show you trails — we also help keep them available, protected, and accessible to all. That’s why we pledge 1% of our annual sales to nonprofit organizations who protect the wild places we all cherish.

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